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Miss Eaves Releases “Pretty in Pink”

January 12, 2011

If you haven’t already heard (I just heard a few minutes ago), Miss Eaves aka Shanthony Exum (formerly of Sugar High Gang) has just released a new single on her new Bandcamp page. The new track, entitled “Pretty in Pink,” features Exum throwing down in typical fashion, which at this point has come to be expected. I mean, did you ever really doubt that her lips are juicy like Bubblicious? Didn’t think so. Head over and give it a listen before you hear it on the dance floorrrrrrrr


Supernature Play The Garage + Jon Kirby Published In Oxford American

December 8, 2010

Last night, the delightfully satisfying folk group Supernature played a serene set at the Garage. The trio, comprised of Winston cornerstones Liz Simmons, Jay Dunbar and Brian Doub, serenaded the crowd with nothing but their three voices, an acoustic guitar, an upright bass, and an array of whimsically effective instruments played by Simmons. Their set manifested a peaceful aura from start to finish; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd at the Garage as attentive as it was last night. I can’t wait to hear the fruits of their recording labors as they finish up their debut album with Jared Draughon (of Distrails) this winter.

After Supernature, I was also able to catch minimalist indie duo Birdlips, who are currently on a cross-country tour for as long as their finances will allow them to travel; good for them! I really enjoyed their songs, which were marked by constant vocal harmonies, as well as light keyboard textures on top of a drum machine foundation. Good stuff, you can download it from their Bandcamp page here.

In completely separate news, Winston native/enthusiast and UNC graduate Jon Kirby was recently published in the newest issue of Oxford American, a prestigious accomplishment to say the least. His piece, centered around Alabama hip-hop group G-Side, is really a great read. I’d try to describe it but then I’d look silly in comparison to the piece itself, so go pick up a copy and save me the embarrassment. He’ll also be reading some excerpts of his piece this Thursday night at 8pm at Krankies, should you find yourself in the mood to have some knowledge dropped upon you.

Krankies Craft Fair This Weekend

December 6, 2010

For those of you lagging behind in the Christmas shopping department, this weekend may be your saving grace. Avoid the typical shopping spots and support your local creative community this Friday and Saturday at the annual Krankies Craft Fair. Local artist Laura Lashley, whose art is pictured on the poster above, has once again assembled a stellar cast of talented artisans and crafters for the event, including Ian Dennis, Charla Caudle, Kait Neely and many many many many others. I would try to describe the array of items you’ll be able to find at the craft fair, but the sheer volume of great crafts has already begun to weigh on my mortal mind, so you’ll have to show up to see.

Among other things, you’ll still be able to pick up a copy of the Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation for yourself, a friend, a loved one, your boss, or even an enemy if you so choose. We’ve sold almost half of them at this point, so I’d suggest making your move now.

If you’ve already heard and been enchanted by the album and want to know who played pedal steel, musical saw or “pillow stuffed cardboard box” on that one song, or if you’re just wondering who Satin Bloom is, you can check out and/or download the liner notes below. Take it in, let it wash over you…

Honey Rider Release Debut EP

November 18, 2010

Photo by Liz Simmons.

Several months ago, Eric Swaim (of Love Craft) informed me that he and girlfriend Julianne Harper had been practicing together on a new musical project, falling somewhere between surf music and acid blues rock. Well, after several sessions at the “Beat Church” in Sugar Mountain NC, the couple have finished recording and mixing their debut EP which is now streaming on their Reverbnation page. The listening experience evokes as much “surf” and “blues rock” as one could come to expect from such a rad couple, with some other really unique and downright badass musical elements thrown in. Their bio describes the project as “a two-headed, hyper-active, androgynous rock spirit that haunts the otherwise quiet parts of your curious brains.” I can’t say I disagree.

The fourth track of the EP, “Swells,” will also be appearing on the Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation… yet another reason to pick it up and support local music.

Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation Release Party / Track List

November 17, 2010
Alright friends, so last week Krankies officially announced that a Winston-Salem based compilation of local bands will be released next week. The compilation is set to be released NEXT FRIDAY November 26 (yes, that’s the day after Thanksgiving) at Krankies at a special gathering of friends to celebrate our music community and the compilation. It’s completely free, open to the public, and the album will be available for purchase for $10 (for 18 tracks, that’s less than 56 cents a song… more expensive than mediafire, but still a deal). Additionally, as mentioned before, half of the album’s sales will be directly donated to Arts For Life at Brenner Children’s Hospital, a local non-profit dedicated to arts and music therapy for children with serious illnesses. 

So, without more delay, here’s the track list for the compilation. If the band names aren’t evidence enough, you’ll know from listening through the album that the compilation is an amazing testament to the array of local talent there is in Winston. On the record you’ll hear everything from surf rock, psychedelic blues, farmland folk, electro-pop and most things in between.

  1. Christmas Valentine – Red Velvet
  2. Seasick – Ghost Beach
  3. Sharkitecht – Jews and Catholics
  4. Trapper Keeper – Sugar High Gang
  5. Hustle World – Love Craft
  6. Inside – Aaron Bachelder
  7. Expect The Best – Terrance and the Tall Boys
  8. Moon – Golden Dawn
  9. Gravity – Distrails
  10. Rosetta – Austin Pfeiffer
  11. Nobody’s Blues – Philip Pledger + Chris Ankelein
  12. Swells – Honey Rider
  13. Porch Dope – Bolmongani
  14. Take Me Home – Jonathan Kirby
  15. Independent Turkey – Cakes of Light
  16. Castles – Night Worker
  17. Santa In A Cowboy Hat – Caleb Caudle & The Bayonets
  18. Night Time – Satin Bloom

All tracks were mastered by the talented Ryan Pritts at ¡El Guapo! in Southside Winston-Salem. We hope to see you at the compilation’s release party next Friday. It’ll be a low-key time of enjoying one another’s company and appreciating our collective identity as we listen to the album, have a few drinks and hang out with friends. See you there.

DESIR’E Releases New Album + Night Worker Show Tonight

November 12, 2010

For those of you who were able to make it to the OPAN multi-media gallery show at the Electric Moustache last month, you’re already acquainted with the esoteric, existential and generally awesome aesthetic Zach McCraw’s got going on. In somewhat similar fashion, Zach recently released a new album under project moniker DESIR’E, and the album is entitled PAN. Again, it’s a pretty existentially funky listening experience and it’s totally worth your time. Zach pressed the albums himself and would be happy to get you a copy if you email him at While he doesn’t have any DESIR’E shows on the horizon, he does have a number of other projects on the burner, including a gospel album and a collaboration with NC rapper Rykashay. Don’t blink.

On another note, a stellar show will be happening tonight at Krankies/The Werehouse. As advertised a few weeks ago, Winston music veteran Jacob Myrick will be performing under his new project name Night Worker with drummer Chad Newsom (hey, I know that guy!). The bill will be filled out by indie kids Israel Darling and Winston locals White Rifles. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Krankies Coffee Announces Winter 2010 Compilation

November 5, 2010

So the time has finally come to “officially” announce something I’ve been pumped about for several months now. What started as a joke between Eric Weyer and I about a “Krankies Khristmas Album” evolved into a realistic idea, which snowballed into an actual tangible project that will come to fruition in 3 weeks.

One of the owners of Krankies Coffee, David Franklin, and I have been working together for a couple months to put something together that has deserved to happen for awhile now. It’s not a new idea; it’s been talked about by several individuals for years, but on November 26, the Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation will be pressed and available for your ears’ delight. A tactile testament to the wealth of true musical talent in this city of Winston-Salem, the compilation is a sampling of 18 different musical acts residing in and around the Twin City, some of which you’ve heard of and some of which you didn’t know existed (what?? that bartender makes beats? that girl plays drums?). Coming in at a full hour of music, the compilation is an attempt to centralize some of Winston’s talent you’ve seen performing for years, but also the music that’s fallen between the cracks, gotten overlooked, or just plain ignored. For now, at least some of it can be found on the same disc.

The cover artwork you see above was designed by Anna Stokes, and a limited run of 400 copies will be screen printed by once-and-always Krankster Ezra Noble. BUT on top of that, half of all album sales will be donated to Brenner Children’s Hospital chapter of Arts For Life, an incredible non-profit organization dedicated to providing art and music therapy to children with serious illnesses during their time at the hospital. Check out Arts For Life here. Supporting therapy for sick children and supporting local music at the same time? There’s literally no reason not to be into this.

The album will be released on Friday night November 26 (three weeks from tonight) at Krankies, where a party will be held to celebrate both the compilation and Winston’s rich music scene as a whole. I’ll have more details about that gathering next week, when I also post the compilation’s STACKED track list(!!!!!)