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Lovecraft / Love Language Shows

July 19, 2010

this past weekend was a good one for music lovers, music and lovers. in winston-salem, Lovecraft played to a packed crowd at The Werehouse stage at Krankies, joined by fellow winstoners Cakes of Light and Sugar High Gang. from all my sources i heard it was a stellar evening, with Cakes of Light playing an unplugged set on Krankies’ patio and Sugar High Gang premiering the new video for their single “Team Spandex” (check tomorrow’s post to see the video!). i also heard that Lovecraft’s set was about as good as it gets. talented photographer Meredith Lindsay Becraft was able to get some great photos from Lovecraft’s set, which you can view below…

though i wasn’t able to be at krankies, i WAS able to attend The Love Language‘s album release show at Cat’s Cradle in carrboro that same evening, which i can testify was awesome. before the show we made our way to Milltown for dinner and drinks from their embarrassingly good beer menu. The Light Pines, a band partially composed of former Love Language members, were also on the bill for the evening and were such a pleasant surprise. i’d heard from phriends that they were good, but i wasn’t expecting such an exciting and refreshing band. their 2 keys players/multi-instrumentalists really gave them some interesting textural sounds. check out “Climbing Towards You,” it was my favorite from their set.

for The Love Language to be releasing their second album Libraries on a label like Merge is truly an accomplishment worth applauding, as transcending the boundary between “local band” and “legitimate band” is a tough journey to make (much less getting signed by the region’s most coveted label). they played like they deserved it on saturday, with an energetic set of engaging songs complete with guests from Light Pines and Lost in the Trees. the falsetto and lush strings at the end of “This Blood Is Our Own” made it my favorite of the evening. congrats to Love Language on a great record and a great evening!

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