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Upcoming Show: Night Worker with Israel Darling and White Rifles

October 22, 2010

If you’ve been missing out on the wealth of great live music that’s been happening the past few months, you can jump back on the bandwagon at Krankies on Friday night November 12. Winston-Salem music veteran Jacob Myrick will again return to the stage under the new name Night Worker, backed by drummer Chad Newsom (of the Bayonets) and several other TBA musicians. Jacob’s musical stylings have always been a privilege to take in, from his time in Terrance & The Talls Boys to his recent outings with a small backing band, so this show should be one to mark down on the calendar… take the time to do this now.

Night Worker will be joined by the Asheville/Greensboro-based indie pop group Israel Darling, which should make for a strong bill. On top of that, White Rifles, one of Winston’s newest groups, will be opening the show. Salivate over the flyer above, it was designed by Mr. Myrick himself.

You’ll be hearing more from Jacob Myrick soon; a song of his will be available on a fantastic local compilation to be released by Krankies next month. More on that to come…


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