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Krankies Coffee Announces Winter 2010 Compilation

November 5, 2010

So the time has finally come to “officially” announce something I’ve been pumped about for several months now. What started as a joke between Eric Weyer and I about a “Krankies Khristmas Album” evolved into a realistic idea, which snowballed into an actual tangible project that will come to fruition in 3 weeks.

One of the owners of Krankies Coffee, David Franklin, and I have been working together for a couple months to put something together that has deserved to happen for awhile now. It’s not a new idea; it’s been talked about by several individuals for years, but on November 26, the Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation will be pressed and available for your ears’ delight. A tactile testament to the wealth of true musical talent in this city of Winston-Salem, the compilation is a sampling of 18 different musical acts residing in and around the Twin City, some of which you’ve heard of and some of which you didn’t know existed (what?? that bartender makes beats? that girl plays drums?). Coming in at a full hour of music, the compilation is an attempt to centralize some of Winston’s talent you’ve seen performing for years, but also the music that’s fallen between the cracks, gotten overlooked, or just plain ignored. For now, at least some of it can be found on the same disc.

The cover artwork you see above was designed by Anna Stokes, and a limited run of 400 copies will be screen printed by once-and-always Krankster Ezra Noble. BUT on top of that, half of all album sales will be donated to Brenner Children’s Hospital chapter of Arts For Life, an incredible non-profit organization dedicated to providing art and music therapy to children with serious illnesses during their time at the hospital. Check out Arts For Life here. Supporting therapy for sick children and supporting local music at the same time? There’s literally no reason not to be into this.

The album will be released on Friday night November 26 (three weeks from tonight) at Krankies, where a party will be held to celebrate both the compilation and Winston’s rich music scene as a whole. I’ll have more details about that gathering next week, when I also post the compilation’s STACKED track list(!!!!!)

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  1. Austin Joffe permalink
    November 5, 2010 6:40 pm

    This is Great!

    I will be there with my camera!


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