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Krankies Craft Fair This Weekend

December 6, 2010

For those of you lagging behind in the Christmas shopping department, this weekend may be your saving grace. Avoid the typical shopping spots and support your local creative community this Friday and Saturday at the annual Krankies Craft Fair. Local artist Laura Lashley, whose art is pictured on the poster above, has once again assembled a stellar cast of talented artisans and crafters for the event, including Ian Dennis, Charla Caudle, Kait Neely and many many many many others. I would try to describe the array of items you’ll be able to find at the craft fair, but the sheer volume of great crafts has already begun to weigh on my mortal mind, so you’ll have to show up to see.

Among other things, you’ll still be able to pick up a copy of the Krankies Coffee Winter 2010 Compilation for yourself, a friend, a loved one, your boss, or even an enemy if you so choose. We’ve sold almost half of them at this point, so I’d suggest making your move now.

If you’ve already heard and been enchanted by the album and want to know who played pedal steel, musical saw or “pillow stuffed cardboard box” on that one song, or if you’re just wondering who Satin Bloom is, you can check out and/or download the liner notes below. Take it in, let it wash over you…

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