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Supernature Play The Garage + Jon Kirby Published In Oxford American

December 8, 2010

Last night, the delightfully satisfying folk group Supernature played a serene set at the Garage. The trio, comprised of Winston cornerstones Liz Simmons, Jay Dunbar and Brian Doub, serenaded the crowd with nothing but their three voices, an acoustic guitar, an upright bass, and an array of whimsically effective instruments played by Simmons. Their set manifested a peaceful aura from start to finish; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd at the Garage as attentive as it was last night. I can’t wait to hear the fruits of their recording labors as they finish up their debut album with Jared Draughon (of Distrails) this winter.

After Supernature, I was also able to catch minimalist indie duo Birdlips, who are currently on a cross-country tour for as long as their finances will allow them to travel; good for them! I really enjoyed their songs, which were marked by constant vocal harmonies, as well as light keyboard textures on top of a drum machine foundation. Good stuff, you can download it from their Bandcamp page here.

In completely separate news, Winston native/enthusiast and UNC graduate Jon Kirby was recently published in the newest issue of Oxford American, a prestigious accomplishment to say the least. His piece, centered around Alabama hip-hop group G-Side, is really a great read. I’d try to describe it but then I’d look silly in comparison to the piece itself, so go pick up a copy and save me the embarrassment. He’ll also be reading some excerpts of his piece this Thursday night at 8pm at Krankies, should you find yourself in the mood to have some knowledge dropped upon you.

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