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About Phuzz
If there’s ever been an experiment, this is it. Phuzz is the culmination of a number of passionate and good-hearted but ultimately failed attempts to bring light to the incredible climate of creativity in North Carolina and beyond. The first incarnation of Phuzz came in the form of a podcast, yet after becoming discouraged by an indecipherable labyrinth of musical copyright laws, I abandoned hope for developing a local music podcast and opted for a blog instead. As it turns out, the tradeoff is pretty beneficial, as a blog enables me to post things regarding visual art and photography, as well as more intensive interviews and features. A bunch of other unquantifiable elements of creative culture will also probably make it in, and I’ll also be posting things from a number of contributors, which makes this all the better.

My aim is to support those who deserve it, namely the bands who spend too much time practicing in their basements to play in an empty bar room that doesn’t pay, or the artists who spend countless hours trying to get the images in their brains to match the images on their canvases, only to have a handful of people come visit their showing, etc. etc. etc. you get the point. This blog is mostly a result of being fortunate enough to have some really talented friends and acquaintances and feeling like others should know of their work too.

At this point it makes sense for Phuzz to have a small focus, simply because I’d rather devote time and energy on giving a handful of artists the attention they deserve, instead of glossing over and grossly simplifying the complex work of many artists at once. That just means I’ll probably post something about a band/artist once every couple days, but what I’ll post will be worth it, I promise. We’ll see how this theory works out. For the time being however, thanks so much for visiting, thanks even more for reading, I hope it’s an enjoyable and inspiring experience. I’ll be updating this as I go, and posting pieces from contributors who are awesome.

About the Author
Philip Pledger is a musician and graphic designer residing in Winston-Salem, NC. He is currently the lead guitar player of Caleb Caudle & The Bayonets and is involved in numerous other musical projects. He is a barista at Krankies Coffee in downtown Winston-Salem, and also teaches guitar lessons. Philip is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, unequivocally the greatest educational institution of all time.

Photo by Nick Babladelis of NJB Photography.

To get in touch, send a messenger pigeon to

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  1. July 7, 2010 4:46 pm

    You need a portrait; hahaha. jk.

    Blog looks great so far!

  2. suzanne permalink
    July 14, 2010 2:23 pm

    i like.


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